Christ Church Parish Foundation

Est. January 1983

  • Background History
    Christ Church Episcopal Foundation was founded as a non-taxable Corporation in December 1982 by Milt Bailey, Ken Spaulding and LaVon Aiken.  (All are now deceased)  The Foundation was created as a separate entity from the Church to manage and disperse monies specifically given to the Foundation.

  • All members of the Christ Church Parish are automatically members of the Foundation according to the By-Laws adopted in January 1983.
  • The specific object of the Foundation Corporation is threefold:

    • To accept and administer, gifts, donations, bequests, trusts and property.
    • To use, disburse or donate its income to Christ Church Parish.
    • To give, convey or assign any of its property to Christ Church Parish for religious, charitable, educational purposes.


    The members of the board would like to emphasize how important it is for members of this parish to remember this fund when compiling their will or if they might wish to make a donation for tax purposes. This funds dividends help to pay a portion of the church's operating expenses.  It directly provides money every month to help pay the bills.  By giving to the foundation fund you are providing a long term way to benefit the future of this parish.

    The Board of Directors of the Foundation consists of the Senior Warden of the Parish (Ex-Officio) and three members of the Parish elected annually at the Annual Church Meeting. The Foundation Board will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer to serve for that year.  The Secretary and Treasurer can be one person.

    At the annual meeting of the church in January of 2014 a chart of the funds value was handed out for the members of the church.  Fund year-end value chart  This chart helps to graphically show the funds importance.  If the fund was able to double in size over the next few years it would significantly reduce the annual budget stress that we encounter.

    From the most recent annual parish meeting, tradionally the last Sunday of January.  Foundation Report

    Any member of Christ Church, as a member or the Church Foundation, can obtain additional information from any member of the Board of Directors on request.

    The present Board of Directors of the Foundation are:

      John Bertram - President
      Kris Carlson - Vice President
      Julia Pierrottet - Secretary
      Peggy Stout, Don Amundson, Marilyn Eberly- board members
      Julie Crandell - board member Ex-Officio

    Foundation-related questions please email: 

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