Red Door Chronicles - June July
Red Door Chronicles

From the Rector:

It’s summer for sure now, things are green and growing. I’d like to thank those who have volunteered to take responsibility for different parts of the gardens and grounds, and those who have signed up to ensure the lawn gets mowed. Many hands make light work, and our ethic of stepping up to make things happen is on full display. It seems every time I wander across the grounds I run into one of the following at work: Barb Myers, Ed Myers, Nancy Faure, Catherine Flynn, Kathy Larson, Tom Larson, Susan Kola, Kurt Larson, Eric Christiansen, Holly Spangler, JT Taylor, Jesse Newby, Larry Taylor, Jackson Reese, and maybe a few more I’ve forgotten about (apologies) but appreciate even so.

I’m also happy to report that Sexton Roger Blair is recovering rapidly from surgery and has already begun doing some light cleaning. He’ll be fully back in action by the end of summer. In the meantime, Nancy and John Faure have stepped up to help keep things looking nice.

Speaking of stepping up, Craig Hodges reports: “On our first work day, we had Peg Stout, Julia Pierrotet and Kurt Larson.  The next stage of disorganization will be to remove all of the remaining organ chest, taking most of it to the junk yard.  Following that, we'll begin building the support structure for the facade pipework as well as the choir risers.  During the summer months, we'll also build the new console using, as much as possible, wood from the old organ along with components purchased from Classic Midi Works, a Canadian company specializing in the building of Hauptwerk organs.”

Some other folk to thank and keep in prayer are our diocesan convention delegates. They will be making important decisions July 26- 28 in Bozeman, especially electing Montana’s next bishop. Our delegates are Deb Rhodes, JT Taylor, Pat Sylvia, and John Bertram. Remember please that all parishioners are invited to the Meet the Candidates forum on July 15 at 6:00 PM. This will be at All Saints Church in Columbia Falls.

A word of appreciation is due also to Colby Wood, who has been doing the Sunday bulletins for longer than even she can remember. Colby has announced her retirement after June 16: Trinity Sunday will be her last one. We are waiting to see if anyone will step to replace her. If you feel called to carry on the work, she will be happy to chat!

You’ve probably noticed a theme in these remarks: people stepping up to do the Lord’s work. That’s intentional, because also coming right up is the Day of Pentecost. On that Day, fifty days after the resurrection, the Holy Spirit was poured out on the disciples, empowering them for mission. The same power is still at work in us today, in ways large and small. I thank God and the people of Christ Church for all you do.

Yours faithfully, happy summer,
Donnel O’Flynn






May  Vestry Minutes

Present:   Fr. Donnel O'Flynn, Jesse Newby, Kathy Larson, Julie Crandell, Colby Wood & Wallace, Nancy Faure, Don Amundson, Larry Taylor, Kurt Larson, and Holly Ward.

The Retreat began with a fantastic Cinco de Mayo lunch arranged by Colby.

We reassembled in the Parish House for:

Thumb Ball, a lively game of throw and catch and responses to various non-threatening questions designed for “getting-to-know-you” among members.

Role of a Vestry.  Fr. O'Flynn distributed, and read, an overview from The Vestry Handbook by Christopher L. Webber.  He explained that we are governed by Canons from the National Episcopal Church, the Montana Diocese , as well as our own Christ Church Bylaws.

            Three responsibilities from the Canons include care for parish finances, care for buildings and grounds, and choosing of parish leaders.  Individual parishes also have customs which vary.   For example, the number of vestry members, and specifically at Christ Church, our relationship with The Foundation.

     See attached handout for further overview information.

Brainstorming produced this list of possible priorities: (*indicates duplicate mention)


    homeless teens/Sparrows Nest                  appreciation **
   membership/bringing more in to help          paying bills
   filing system                                                 worship
   organ  *                                                        maintenance
   record-keeping/inventory *                outreach/new members
   Creation Care                                   audit needs/inventory
   Holy Cross Day                                more than 1 on budget prep
   outreach                                                       Property Committee
   Centering Prayer                              stewardship/membership
   communication/website                               PR/fund-raising
   get official inventory 

Before proceeding Fr. O'Flynn reviewed from the overview section, A Vision for the Parish. This section suggests we “state purposes...goals and objectives.”  Three areas of focus discerned by the Webber book are: Spiritual Growth, Evangelism and Serving. Administration (aka “housekeeping”) also appears on our list.

    5) We turned first to  “Housekeeping”  Purpose: get our administrative house in order.
Goal:  organize our files.  Nancy volunteered to begin this process.  Don and Kurt will assist if she needs help.
Goal:  begin an inventory.   Holly and Kathy volunteered to begin.
Goal:  continue working to correct and complete our membership list by Jan. 2020.  This will include members who are in good standing, as well as some who are not but still considered members.  Fr. O'Flynn will continue work on this.
Fr. O’Flynn proposed that we do the work of stating purposes, goals, and objectives for the other categories such as spiritual growth, evangelism, and serving, at subsequent vestry meetings. He noted that it was now 4:00 PM and he for one was feeling a little weary. The suggestion met with favor. 

Before adjourning Don brought up the topic of the rummage sale.  Some parishioners are in favor of discontinuing this tradition. The decision of whether to have one or not rests with the vestry, and plans need to be made, so we moved into decision-making mode. Points made include the following: our budget has an income line-item called fund-raising, but doesn’t specify what sort of event so other formats are possible; the rummage sale has begun to feel like a lot of work for the few people who volunteer. The possibility of a Please-Don't-Ask-Me-To-Volunteer fund-raiser was proposed. This would be simply an opportunity for parishioners to donate money rather than volunteering for yet another project.  After discussion, we agreed to try that approach this year. 

The retreat ended with smiles and conclusions that much was accomplished.  Ole!  





June / July Birthdays & Anniversaries


     Birthdays                                Anniversaries

June 4    Rosemary Woodland                  June 20   Jamey & Romy Loran
June 8      Victoria Koski                           June 25   George and Holly Ward,
June 9    Colby Wood, Noa Fischer                             Kyle & Amanda Hawley    
June 10  Janet O’Flynn                             June 28    Donnel & Janet O’Flynn
June 11   Janelle Willet
June 17   Abretia Crandell
June 20  Sam Fischer
June 23   John Faure
June 25  Romy Loran
June 29  Brian Crandell

July 2   Catherine Flynn                           July 8  Jesse Newby & Tasha Felton
July 6    Corinne Ryan                             July 15 Ed & Barb Myers
July 12    Kris Carlson                              July 28  Holly & Todd Spangler
July 18  Roger Blair, Tom Larson,
Kaedan Waggar                                       July 31   Tom & Kathy Larson
July 21    Rachael Hawley
July 25    Tom Carlson
July 27    Linette David
July 28    Korbin Hawley
July 30    Nicole Pierrotet, Barb Alsbury





June 7 (Friday)                 Worship Committee meets at Noon
June 8 (Saturday)             Organ removal continues 9:00 AM
June 9 (Sunday)               DAY OF PENTECOST                                                                           (healing prayer follows 10:00 AM service)
June 16 (Sunday)             TRINITY SUNDAY
June 23 (Sunday)    
Summer schedule begins—one service at 9:00 AM through Labor Day
June 30 (Sunday)             Fifth Sunday potluck brunch follows 9:00 AM service
July 7 (Sunday)                Alternate form of Eucharist #1
July 14 (Sunday)             “No Music Sunday” for July
July 15    (Monday)           Meet the Candidates for Bishop,                                                           6- 8:30 PM All Saints Columbia Falls
July 26- 28                        Diocesan Convention, Bozeman




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