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Red Door Chronicles

From the Rector:

I’d like to look forward to some events coming up later this year, and then look back to the Season of Creation that began on September 1.
Looking forward: on Saturday, December 7, the next bishop of Montana will be consecrated in Helena. Members of Christ Church are invited to this happy event, which begins at 11:00 AM. Our four delegates to the convention that elected the Rev Mary Stebbins have already had a chance to be part of history. It was memorable, and they urge everyone to consider participating in the next one too, by attending the service in person. We are investigating whether to charter a bus to take a group from Kalispell to Helena and back that day. I will be putting out a sign-up sheet to see how much interest there would be.
Meanwhile, we are also invited to participate by contributing to a “Bishop’s Gifts Fund.” This is to purchase items our new Bishop will need, including ones like a miter, a crosier, her ring, etc. The transition committee (our own Pat Sylvia is a member) calculate that if every Episcopalian in Montana gives $3 we can afford all these new items. So please look for a special collection plate for the Gifts Fund starting on Sunday October 6. The gifts will be given during the consecration service.
Also looking forward, it won’t be long until our new Hauptwerk Organ is finished and ready to play. We all owe a big debt of gratitude to Craig Hodges for the “sweat equity” he has put into the project. Because of his selfless service, it has ended up costing less than anticipated. Because of some generous gifts from our congregation and friends, we have nearly enough in hand to cover the costs. All this is great! I’ve urged Craig not to give us a date for the debut of the new organ, until he is 100% sure that it’s ready. I feel there shouldn’t be any undue pressure from us in the congregation, because he is already working so hard to get us there. Still, I feel safe to say that we will hear the instrument for ourselves before long. So—stay tuned!
Now looking back: thinking about the Season of Creation, I can say that for my part I’m glad we went “all in” on Creation this year. We celebrated on six Sundays with a variety of themes, ranging from bison to angels to the pets we love and care for. We have also heard some very helpful ideas how to better care for Creation both as individuals and as a congregation. Stay tuned for some information about all that, it will continue to be a focus.
That’s how it looks to me. But how has everyone else liked our observance of a Season of Creation? Well, your chance to weigh in on that question will come at the end of this month. The Worship Committee is making a special effort to reach out to a wider circle so that we can get more input from more people. Everyone is invited to gather on Saturday, October 26, at 9:00 AM. There will be bagels and coffee, and the agenda will cover both the season just past as well as the ones to come, such as Advent and Christmas. Hope you can make it!
Thanks and blessings,
(Rev) Donnel O’Flynn






September  Vestry Minutes

Present:  Fr. Donnel O'Flynn, Jesse Newby, Julie Crandell, Colby Wood, Sam Detwiler, 
Don Amundson, Kurt Larson, Holly Ward, Kathy Larson.  Absent:  Nancy Faure, Larry Taylor.
Reflection:  “Symptoms of Inner Peace,”   Kathy
Clerk Report:  Nancy moved and Don seconded and the minutes were accepted following a correction by Kurt that his cousin was not present at the structural maintenance meeting.  
Treasurer Report:  

  • Sam reported we have a $58,000 balance, $13,000 in the liquid account.  The Memorial Fund will need to be dipped into for organ expenses once bills come in.  It is predicted that organ expenses will be $18,000, less than previously predicted, with perhaps about $1500 needed from the Memorial Fund.
  • Janelle will be paid beginning in September, once a work agreement is adopted later in the meeting.  Workers Comp is budgeted $720.  Year to date balance in the operating account is $2453 to the negative but since the annual budget included a deficit of $5043 we are actually right on schedule. Fr. O'Flynn added that August income is usually low so he hopes September will increase our bottom line.   Our Fund Raiser account balance is $1,000.   $2,000 is budgeted for this line item in 2019.  Kathy moved and Holly seconded the report be accepted.
2018 Audit Report:      Fr O’Flynn, Sam and Holly Ward met to review the 2018 audit, and Sam reported for the group. Some changes have been made in response to items that the auditors flagged. Vestry minutes are now being signed again and Kathy came in to catch up signing on previous months. Contributions, especially to pass-through and restricted funds, need to be better tracked. Therefore all checks will now be copied before being deposited, and a separate ledger has been created for non-pledge/plate donations.  Holly and Kathy have begun an inventory of church belongings that is already 1/3 done.  The Business Manual edition of 2017 will be used for next year’s audit (it is available online).
Junior Warden Report:  Fr. O'Flynn shared items Nancy had reported. 
  • Plans are in place to change and update CO2 and smoke alarms.  Fire extinguishers have been checked and are ok.  Kathy and Holly reported the extinguisher in the kitchen is difficult to see.  We will consider signs to show locations of all extinguishers.
  •  Roger is working on providing proper Emergency Exit lights. 
  •  Jesse and Don will follow up on providing a cover for the sump pump. 
  • Do we prefer a storm door for the Godly Play room rather than a window? Discussion decided no, so Don and Roger will get a windowed door for the old Godly Play room where the Youth now meet.
  • Julie Pierrottet will follow up on replacing bricks where holes were created to complete the structural maintenance inspection. 
Senior Warden Report:   Covered in later agenda items.
Rector Report:  
  • Craig will be on vacation in October and will use that free time to (hopefully) complete the organ project.  We are blessed to have Craig’s many hours of work and, to make the parish aware of this, we will ask him to provide us with an estimate of his hours and expenses.  We will make an announcement when the new organ is first used for a service.  
  • We are also blessed to have Janelle who has begun youth group meetings with the help of Jaben and Keanna.  They played games and discussed unity ideas.  
Old Business:  
  • The new organ will be maintenance-free for a while but, in time, will have expenses. For this reason, and also to repay the Memorial Fund, Don and the fund-raising committee are strategizing ideas to raise money.  Perhaps a recital. Some Vestry feel food-related events are ok, some disagree.  Don will report back to us.
  • Kathy continues to search for someone to be the Vestry Clerk November though April.  Barb Myers has volunteered to do the minutes for the January 2020 Annual Meeting.  The clerk need not be a voting Vestry member.
  • Holly and Kathy will continue the inventory which will be filed in a written report and a video.  
New Business:
  • Fr. O'Flynn has created job descriptions for the sexton and the youth director.  Julie moved, Holly seconded and the descriptions were accepted.   Janelle's youth position is not presently budgeted for but will be next year.  The Vestry had previously agreed to pay her at the rate she requested, $10/hour for 4 hours of work per week.  Roger is receiving $14/hour; his salary henceforth will be at a regular rate of 28 hours/month.  Colby moved, Jesse seconded, that we should pay both them the same hourly rate of $14/hour; the motion passed.
  • Tom Nerison has offered to provide and set up green bins for recycling. Details of how these will be placed and used needs to be determined. Jesse added that there seems to be an information gap as to how best to accomplish recycling.  It was suggested that a pamphlet be created and distributed with information.
  • An arborist has been consulted regarding trees along the field's south edge at Camp Marshall. A plan will be developed as to funding this work.
  • Sharyn and David Curtis are actively looking for disabled children who may be interested in attending a Sunday School class specifically designed for them.
  • Our October Vestry meeting will be devoted to follow-up of our May Retreat.  Sub-committees are: Service—Holly, Nancy and Colby; Evangelism—Don, Jesse, Larry; Spiritual Growth—Kathy, Julie and Kurt.   We will have a meal together, arranged by Colby, and then each committee will have presentations.    
  • It was agreed to have a St. Nicholas Day special collection for the 80+ students at the St Nicolas school in Haiti.   St. Nicholas Day is December 6th and the collection will occur on Sunday, December 8th. 
  • Julie will do Reflections in October and Don in November.
  • Fifth Sunday potluck September 29th.  8 am service cancelled.
  • Noon Eucharist, Friday October 4th, Francis of Assisi
  • Pet blessing in church, Sunday 10-6
  • Next Vestry, Oct. 16, retreat review
  • Fall clean-up, Nov. 2, 9 am

Closing Reflection:   Kathy      



October Birthdays & Anniversaries


    Birthdays                                Anniversaries

October 1        Tony Pierrottet                      October 6     Greg and Peg Scarff
October 7        Bob Bridges                          October 27   Kurt and Carol Larson
October 9        Carol Larson
October 16      Patty Basko
October 17      Sadie Willet
October 18      Mayleen Hoover
                        Larry Taylor
October 20      Kristine Stanfield
                        Kyle Hawley
                        Tasha Felton
October 23      Maarten Fischer
October 25      Lisa Poler Anderson
October 27      Kurt Larson
October 28      Maryann Treweek
October 30      Isaac Bertram
October 31      Jay Flynn         



Special Events


Friday October 4:       

 Noon Eucharist, St Francis of Assisi

 Neighbors in Need fundraiser lunch, Northridge Lutheran,  11:30- 1:30.
Sunday October 6:    
  Last Sunday in the Season of Creation; Blessing of Pets at     both services
  Christ Church team participates in Buddy Walk for Montana     Down Syndrome Association (Registration 11:30- 12:30         Kidsport Soccer Complex)

Sunday October 13:   
 “Nightcap for the Soul” 8:00 PM

Saturday October 26: 
  Worship Committee meeting, 9:00 AM  (All invited!)

Saturday November 2:
  Fall Yard Cleanup, 9:00 AM til finished (All invited!)





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