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From the Rector:

April will be a very full month! First and foremost, we celebrate the great worship services of Holy Week and Easter. But we will also be observing Earth Day in a special way, and are also expecting to hear from the Bishop Search Committee as to their slate of nominees.

I’ll let the Bishop Search Committee speak for itself, and as for the Earth Day observance let me just ask everyone to read the section in the Vestry Minutes (below) that relates to Creation Care. Please also have a look at Barb Myers item on how she is trying to personalize Creation Care in her own life. For more information just look up “Episcopal Creation Care” on the internet and learn all about it. I promise I’ll explain more going forward.

So what I most want to highlight is the importance of the big worship events this month. In particular, I have been promoting the Great Vigil of Easter ever since I arrived at CCE.  The Great Vigil occurs the evening before Easter Day, ie, Saturday at 7:30 PM. Here is what I said in my first Report to the Congregation at my first Annual Meeting in January of 2017: “I’d really like attendance at the Great Vigil of Easter to be strong. As I explained to the worship committee, this service is the most beautiful, most impressive, and most important liturgy of the year, and I asked their support for doing PR to make it well attended. I hope for at least 75 people.”

Well, we haven’t gotten 75 yet, but we’ve come close: 60 attended in 2017 and 55 in 2018. Maybe 2019 will be the year! Remember, the Vigil Service, which starts outside with an impressive lighting of the New Fire, is when Easter baptisms occur. As we go to press I am expecting to have two baptisms this year.  So… hope to see you here on Saturday, April 20, at 7:30 PM, to celebrate resurrection with this impressive service. 

Also important to highlight is that we are trying a different time for the main Good Friday service. It will be at 5:30 PM instead of Noon, so that more people can be free to attend. The church will be open for silent meditation at Noon, and the Godly Play version of Stations will still be at 4:30PM. The full schedule for Holy Week and Easter is found later in the newsletter.

Last but truly far from least, two events relating to members deserve special notice. Kaedan Wagar (the one who calls Pat Sylvia “Grandma Pat”) is being adopted by Pat’s daughter Rachel and her husband Cody (they are Kaedan’s grandparents) on April 4. There will be a reception for them Saturday, April 6 from 2-4PM in Griffiths Hall. We are counting on the fact that Kaedan does not usually read the bulletin or the newsletter, to promote the event without him knowing! He is a fine young person and it will be great to help celebrate his new beginning. Also, April 14 is Marilyn Taylor’s 90th birthday. We will have some cake and good cheer in her honor following the 10AM service. Marilyn has been a very significant member of the parish for many years and so we wish her all the best!

Donnel O’Flynn +





March 2019 Vestry Minutes

Christ Church Vestry Minutes, March 20, 2019

Present:   Fr. Donnel O'Flynn, Jesse Newby, Kathy Larson, Julie Crandell, Colby Wood, Holly Ward, Sam Detwiler, Larry Taylor, Kurt Larson.   Absent:   Nancy Faure, Don Amundson.

Reflection:  Holly Ward presented an art reflection involving assigning a color to a sacred word.  

Clerk Report:  Colby moved and Holly seconded Feb minutes be approved.  All accepted.

Treasurer's Report:  Sam reported the second $1700 donation for St Nicolas school, which the bank mistakenly wired twice, has been designated as our 2019 donation, thus correcting the imbalance in our ledger.  Pledge and Plate income for the first two months of the year is running behind schedule. However, the Foundation’s contribution of $3,000 to offset 2018 General Fund deficit has helped to create a surplus in our bottom line year-to-date.  Sexton pay is undetermined at this time as we continue to determine what will be required/necessary in that job.   Our Organ Fund Balance is good.   The Red Door Pantry is doing ok as well.  It was moved and seconded by Holly and Kathy, and all accepted the approval of the Budget Report.

Jr. Warden Report:   Fr. O'Flynn reported, on behalf of Nancy, that the ceiling fan in the sanctuary doesn't work properly, and the light over the front entry won't turn off.  Nancy added that, with the melting snow, we must keep an eye on the need to use the sump pump.  Fr. O'Flynn reported that Dave Reese has set up the pump. He and Kurt will take a look at the situation after the Vestry meeting, to see if it has a float, is set up to operate automatically, and how it can responsibly be monitored.    

Senior Warden Report:  Colby will report as the meeting progresses.

Rector Report:
Janet has returned to Haiti.  A Travel Alert is still in place which prevents faculty in the U.S from flying in.  Fr. O'Flynn has cancelled his plan to visit soon.  Prayers are requested.
Fr. O'Flynn will be participating in a continuing education seminar, The Theology of the Land, being presented at the Bethlehem Lutheran Church.
Fr. O'Flynn supports the local ecumenical clergy letter condemning the recent mass shooting tragedy at Christ Church, New Zealand.  The letter has been sent to local newspapers.  He says we all need to respond to a higher calling in these kinds of matters.  

Prayer for Raising Up of Deacons was offered, including a prayer for priests and Bishops as well.
Old Business:
Christ Church membership roll updates are progressing.  
We reviewed and discussed the Diocese of Montana's Policy For Safeguarding God's People.  In the past, Vestries were required to participate in a training.  Now only those individuals working directly with children are required to do so.  Kurt noted that the text needs to be corrected as Bishop Brookhart's and Joan Grant's names still appear.  All vestry members are required to read and become familiar with the Policy.
Next steps in our organ situation were discussed, that is, how to proceed.  Colby reports that in preparation for a new Hauptwerk organ, Craig wants to move forward with removal of the old organ,  and the changed placement of the pipes.   Most of this work will take place in the summer.  Craig submitted a $20,057  estimate of costs for Hauptwerk organ and accessories. He will watch for Hauptwerk sales.
Kurt moved, Julie seconded, and it was agreed  that we set a goal of raising an additional $10,000 for the organ.   Discussion included asking the congregation for money, using money from the Memorial Fund, and setting up scheduled individual contributions.   We will continue to consider ideas for a fund-raising campaign.
Vestry Retreat will be May 5th rather than April 28th.  We will begin with worship at 8 or 10 o'clock, then enjoy a catered Mexican lunch which Colby will arrange ($15/person has been budgeted), proceed with a getting-acquainted activity, then planning for Vestry expectations and goals, how to take action toward them, and who will do what.

New Business:
 A Creation Care pledge has been adopted by the National Episcopal Church.   We watched a related You Tube address by Bishop Michael Curry encouraging us to love the earth as God loves the earth.  Christ Church seems oriented to this idea as evidenced in the past by individual members committing to do things such as collecting batteries to recycle, and committing to decreasing plastic purchases.   Some parishioners, however, may not agree with some of what is included in the National pledge.  Still, we can agree that most will want to further our awareness of how people in far-away locations are affected by how we “use” the earth.  We agreed to make further plans, and set future goals, to communicate with parishioners who may wish to sign the pledge.  We will not “tie people's hands” to do, or not do, any particular thing as stated in the Creation Care handout.  Rather individuals may set their own goals.   We propose Earth Day, April 22nd, as a possible time for individuals interested in signing pledges to further plan and set goals.  Julie moved, Holly seconded and the motion passed that CC Vestry supports the ideas set forth in the Creation Care pledge, and that we will invite Christ Church people to become involved and consider signing the pledge.  We agree that further ideas will evolve.

Reflection leader next meeting will be Kathy

April 14 Palm Sunday 8 and 10 am
Marilyn Taylor 90th birthday.  Julie volunteered to get a celebration cake which will be served in the narthex following the 10 o'clock service.    
April 18 Maundy Thursday 5:30 pm
April 19 Good Friday.  Church open 12 noon-l pm
Godly Play Stations 4:30 pm
Liturgy of the Day 5:30 pm
April 20 Easter Vigil w/baptisms 7:30 pm
April 21 Easter Day 8 and 10 am
April 22 Earth Day

Next Meeting:  April 24
        No Vestry meeting in May.   Retreat will be May 5th.

Reflection:  Holly further developed our reflection by providing paint for us to paint a bookmark cross.




April Birthdays & Anniversaries


     Birthdays                                Anniversaries

5        Mark Norley; Ed Eberly                            14 Bob & Monica DesJeans
6        Sierra Crandell                                         28 Janelle & Hillary Willett
9        Garrison Reese; Meghan Hodges
14        Marilyn Taylor; Jeni Scarff
22        Gwen Biggar
27        JT Taylor
24        Sage Litchfield




Congratulations to Budding Scientists at CCE!

Sarah Loran competed in the 4th Grade Physical division with her project "Effect of Changes in Atmospheric Pressure on Weather". She received first place in the Hedges Science Fair and advanced to County where she was awarded a Reserve Grand Champion medal. 

Thomas Bertram competed in the 5th Grade Physical division with his project "Liquids Effects on Rust". He received first place in the Hedges science fair. At County he received a Grand Champion Medal and a special award called A Day at the Station which is a day of doing research at the Flathead Lake Biological Station. He advanced to the Regional Science Fair in Butte where he was awarded a first-place ribbon and a gold medal. 

Fourth graders are only allowed to advance to the county level, fifth graders are allowed to advance to regionals. In sixth grade they will be able to compete in the state science fair if their project qualifies.  (submitted by John Bertram)




On Giving Up Plastic for Lent

We take morning coffee seriously in our family.  We grind Montana Coffee Traders beans and press them in a bistro pot, wait the 5 minutes before pouring and settle in to sipping Buffalo Blend.  Last year, our kids gave us a Keurig coffee maker for a gift and despite our skepticism, we began to appreciate how quick and easy the coffee ritual could be.  However, I began to get a nagging feeling about all those little plastic containers I was adding to the landfill.  

When Lent came on and I listened to Michael Curry’s plea to take the pledge to Care for Creation, I decided to take a look at how I could change a habit in order to live more gently on the Earth.  Plastics.  I decided to try to stop using plastic whenever I could.  No more plastic grocery bags from the store.  No more Keurig plastic cups in the landfill. It takes longer to do the old coffee ritual, but I am remembering that taking a little time to prepare it, can make it taste even better.  I am even using the coffee grounds in my compost bin.  So, now my challenge is what do I freeze garden veggies in, when harvest time comes?  I have all summer to figure out a plan to replace those great little Ziplock bags!

Barb Myers




Special Events in April 2019

Saturday April 6        Reception to honor Kaedan’s adoption 2-4 PM
Friday April 12          Worship Committee follows Noon Eucharist
April 14, Palm Sunday              Palms and HE, 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM
April 18, Maundy Thursday      Agape Meal and Liturgy of the Day,                                                        5:30 PM
April 19, Good Friday               Church open for meditation                                                                      12:00 – 1:00 PM
                                                 Godly Play Stations of the Cross,                                                             4:30 PM
                                                 Liturgy of the Day, 5:30 PM
April 20, EASTER EVE            Great Vigil of Easter, 7:30 PM
April 21, EASTER DAY            Festival worship
                                                 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM

April 22, Earth Day                  All invited to take Creation Care pledge                                                    5-6:00 PM    



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