Red Door Chronicles
Red Door Chronicles

From the Rector:

There were two surprising gifts from the season of Lent. They are carrying over into Eastertide and perhaps beyond. Neither was on my mind when Lent began, but both emerged, as it were, on their own. Yet both seem poised to make a real contribution going forward.

First was the interest shown in the Christian practice known as Centering Prayer. I introduced this method of praying without words in the context of the weekly book study in Lent, which read “Just This” by Richard Rohr. In this book, Rohr commented frequently how helpful it is to have a contemplative prayer life, but didn’t give much direction as to what this might mean in practice. It was clear to me that if we did not have something specific to try, our discussions would not be as focused as they would be if we did have something specific to try. This is why I decided to introduce Centering Prayer. This simple method has become widely practiced in recent decades. In any event, several participants said they would like to continue, so we are. Anyone who would like to explore with us is welcome to come to the parish house Thursdays at 7:00 PM. The format is extremely low key. The only requirement for attending is that you have a sense that perhaps God is calling you in this direction. The sessions last less than an hour.

The other surprise of Lent came by heeding an invitation from Presiding Bishop Michael Curry. He has urged all Episcopalians to consider making a personal spiritual commitment to Creation Care. “Help God love God’s world,” is the way Bishop Curry expresses it. As we go to press, 21 members of CCE have signed a pledge to do just that. We have not yet decided what specifically we will do as a group. Further conversation is planned for during the next fifth-Sunday potluck, on June 30. My personal hope is that whatever we do, we will do it as a genuinely spiritual activity. There are already lots of groups that focus on recycling or advocacy or whatever. We don’t need to just replicate what is already going on. The church’s special contribution comes when we do things like pray, and celebrate, and express gratitude. We should lead with those attitudes, and then whatever works we undertake will have the right spirit. So stay tuned, and if you haven’t already signed the pledge you are warmly invited to do so. 

Last but not least let me remind everyone that we still need someone to take over the job of newsletter editor. My humble and not-very-eye-catching efforts are a stopgap. Please pray that God will raise up someone to do a better job for CCE. I have set a low bar, so whatever anyone else does is bound to be more inspiring!

Yours faithfully,


Donnel O’Flynn +





March 2019 Vestry Minutes

Present:   Fr. Donnel O'Flynn, Jesse Newby, Kathy Larson, Julie Crandell, Colby Wood, Sam Detwiler, Nancy Faure, Don Amundson.  Absent:  Larry Taylor, Kurt Larson, Holly Ward. 

Reflection:  A reading by Kathy.  “Love is meant to be passed around.” 

Clerk Report:  Nancy and Jesse moved and seconded, and all accepted the March minutes.   

Treasurer's Report:  Sam reported the bank returned the 2nd donation to the Haiti school.  This, and the contribution from the Foundation, gives us a positive balance.  The bottom line is “we're doing ok.” Kathy moved, Don seconded, and all accepted approval of the report.  Sam agreed to provide an updated treasurer's report for our retreat May 5th.  It will include data from April which includes Easter.  

Junior Warden Report:   
    The broken window in the basement is being addressed and the furnace has been fixed.  The furnace vent became plugged so water was depleted from the system and then automatically shut off.  Roger fixed the broken toilet in the men's room which had flooded.  A new doorbell has been installed at the Parish House front door.  Nancy will investigate replacement of the memorial marble piece which has fallen off the base of the reader board.   Don offered suggestions of businesses to check.

Rector Report:  
    Easter services were inspiring, and Fr. O'Flynn was pleased with Holy Week services as well.  The Easter Vigil service was attended by more than 50 people for the 3rd year in a row.  Attendees at services seemed to be focused and engaged.  
    The Lenten centering prayer gatherings were positive.  Another gathering, to discuss centering prayer, will take place Thurs, April 25th, 7 pm at the Parish House.   Fr. O'Flynn added “There seems to be a hunger for this kind of worship.”
    The organ balance is nearly $15,000.   

Old Business:  
    Safeguarding requirements.  Vestry members who have thoroughly read the requirements may sign off on these.  Fr. O'Flynn will begin to keep personnel files on individuals working with our children and youth.  Nancy will follow up on the requirement for a window into the Godly Play room.  She will find out if it is less expensive to buy a new windowed door rather than have a window put into the existing door.  
    Creation Care.   There is a good degree of interest.  The Earth Day wine & cheese gathering went well.  There will be future opportunities to sign the Creation Care Pledge.  Anyone who wants to be involved should give their contact information to Barb Myers.   Another get-together will take place June 30th to discuss more ideas prior to the September celebration,
    Fundraising for the organ.  Craig reports that more deconstruction will take place May 17th.   Fr. O'Flynn suggested a committee be formed that will include a choir member, a Vestry member, and a congregant.  Their goal is to create a fund-raising plan.  Don volunteered to participate.   Nancy will ask among choir members, and announcements will be made in services, and in the newsletter.  
    Vestry retreat.  May 5th, noon to 5.  Colby will arrange Mexican food.   Jesse, Colby and Kathy will meet with Fr. O'Flynn after the 10 o'clock service, April 28th, to plan the agenda.  

New Business:  
    2018 Audit.  Jamey Loran will do our next audit.  A second person, as yet unnamed, will be involved as well. 
    Sexton on Sick Leave.   Roger will soon be on his way to Salt Lake for surgery.   During his absence, David Klassy will do our custodial work.  He has committed to two weeks and will be paid per hours worked.    Sam will determine an hourly wage in a range based on what we have budgeted, and the wage we have paid Roger.  Roger has spent more hours than usual as he has been catching up on deferred cleaning.  
    Yard care plan.   Dave Reese reports that our mower is in good condition following its overhaul.  It is hoped that sign-ups for mowing will work as well again as they have in the past.  Fr. O'Flynn will create a new sign-up sheet.  Our annual Clean-Up Day will be May 11th beginning at 9:30 am.  
    Cleaning up after potlucks and coffee hour.  This is not the Jr. Warden's responsibility.   In the past, Don has taken it upon himself to clean up.  Pat Sylvia too.  It was concluded that we need to raise awareness about the problem.  Suggestions included simply announcing at the end of gatherings, “Time to clean up!  Please lend a hand,” encouraging people to take their leftovers when they leave, and to wash their own coffee cups.  Colby will alert people to these things during the 10 o'clock service, and information will be put in the bulletin.  A lively discussion ensued about how to keep personal coffee cups designated as “off limits.”  It was concluded that with Feed the Flathead using the kitchen, and no specific place to store individual coffee cups, no further arrangement will be made at this time.

Senior Warden Report: 
     Roger Blair has questioned our folding chair storage situation.  He sent Colby links for information about new tables ($115, 60” round) chairs ($9/chair) and a storage rack ($200). Any new order will need to consider the Feed the Flathead numbers.  Colby will communicate further with Roger when he returns and is back at work. The Chair ruled we table this!

      Spring Cleanup Day, May 11th beginning at 9:30.
    Ascension Day, May 30th, Holy Eucharist at noon.
    Pentecost, June 9th.  Healing service after the 10 o'clock service.
    Rummage Sale will be August 9 & 10th.  Don asked that the Godly Play room to be made          available for storage once Godly Play stops for the summer.  

Next Vestry: 
    Vestry Retreat May 5th, noon to 5 pm. 
    No May Vestry meeting.   
    June Vestry meeting changed from June 19th to June 12th. 

Closing reflection:   
    Kathy.  (“A few committed people can change the world”)
    No one was assigned a reflection for June.  




May Birthdays & Anniversaries


     Birthdays                                Anniversaries

2        Marcello Pierrottet                                         13 Bill & Patty Basko        
3        Don Amundson                                             24 Maarten and Ida Fischer
6        Peg Scarff                                                     25 Brian and Julie Crandell
7        Jesse Newby                                                 29 John and MB Bertram
8        Mylo Fischer
11        Johanna Ward Chittenden        
14        Ida Fischer, Mark David
17        Hillary Willet
20        Christian Pierrottet
22        Ed Myers





Organ Work Day

Help us get "disorganized"!

On Friday, May 17, from 9 - 3, come if you are able to help with the beginning stages of dismantling the old organ by removing the pipework and some of the mechanical pieces.  Bring work gloves, and if you have a pickup or utility trailer, those will be very helpful.  Most of the lifting will be light-duty.  Questions, see or call Craig (885-9930).


Bishop Search Committee Update
The Search committee for the 10th Bishop of Montana announced their slate on May 1. There are three nominees:

The Rev. Mary Caucutt, Rector of Christ Church, Cody, Wyoming
The Rev. Dr. Nina Ranadive Pooley, Rector of St Bartholomew’s, Yarmouth, Maine
The Rev. Marty Stebbins, Rector of St. Timothy’s, Wilson, North Carolina

For full information please go to the diocesan website,

There will be an opportunity to meet the nominees in person during the week of July 14-19, and the electing convention is July 26 in Bozeman. Please keep the nominees and the diocese in your prayers. Also remember the delegates from CCE, John Bertram, Deb (Hodges) Rhodes, Pat Sylvia, and JT Taylor, as they discern wisely for whom to vote




Saturday, May    11          SPRING CLEAN UP DAY,  9:30 AM til                                                          done 
Sunday, May 12               Compline, 8:00 PM
Friday, May 17                 Organ Deconstruction Day, 9:00-3:00 
Thursday, May 30            Ascension Day HE, at Noon in chapel




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