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Red Door Chronicles

From the Rector:

My thoughts this month are focused on a new thing in the life of the church—the idea of observing a special Season to honor God’s Creation. This idea goes back to 1989 when September 1 was designated as the Day of Creation for eastern Orthodox Christians, and it has expanded and caught on steadily ever since, for Christians of all sorts. At CCE will have a variety of activities and worship experiences as described in the schedule just below. All of them will be uplifting and thought provoking so come to as many as possible is my advice! I’m looking forward to sharing them with you.


Yours faithfully, 
Donnel O’Flynn






August  Vestry Minutes

Present:  Fr. Donnel O'Flynn, Jesse Newby, Julie Crandell, Colby Wood, Sam Detwiler, Nancy Faure, Don Amundson, Larry Taylor, Kurt Larson, Holly Ward, Kathy Larson.
Prayer/Reflection:  Fr. O'Flynn led us in prayer.  Jesse shared a poem by Thomas Traherne. 
Youth Group Leader Report: 
       Janelle Willett is meeting with parents and CC youth this evening.  She hopes to find out what will draw them to participate.  Hopefully it will be “excitement rather than obligation.”  She wants kids to feel they are part of the church “now, not just in the future.”  She thinks there ought to be a cut-off to participation in Godly Play.  Regarding support from the Vestry, she suggests the possibility of an adult board which would include youth parents as well as non-parents.  She likes the idea of some inter-generational church involvement.  Also, there is the potential for a CC Youth Group to join with another congregation's small youth group.  

Audit Committee Recommendations, Fr. O'Flynn:        
1.We had no review of the 2017 Audit, nor Vestry comments.   We need to complete an inventory. Minutes need to be signed and dated.
2.An Audit Review Committee of Sam, Holly and Fr. O will meet Sept 5thto review the audit and report back to the Vestry. 
1.Thanks to Sam for helping with this work.

Treasurer Report:   

          Sam reports that the shown Income is distorted. Some funds from Special will be shifted to Fund Raising.  There is a $100 discrepancy showing from the bank.  This amount will be taken out of Pledge & Plate so as not to skew individual donation records.  To avoid this in the future, Sam recommends we photocopy checks before depositing them. Don added that we will need to train counters to do this.
         General Operating Expenses has an overage from what was budgeted for the Convention. Jesse moved, Julie seconded, and it was accepted we use this overage to pay Rick Johnson as his audit expenses were not provided prior to his billing.  
       In the future, Janelle's salary, which Sam has now added, will be placed in the Youth Salary line.  The Organ balance will drop $1,000.  The Year-to-Date amount is currently positive.  Don motioned, Holly seconded, and the Treasurer's Report was accepted.  

Clerk Report:  Colby moved, Kurt seconded, and the June minutes were accepted.   
Jr. Warden Report:     

1.Nancy reported that Kurt's cousin, Diane Travis, provided us with a 5 Year Plan for structural/masonry maintenance (attached).  She found a stone mason to work with us.  Concerns include slabs starting to slide, cracks appearing in the exterior, the slab on the reader board needing to be replaced, bricks above the entrance falling, and windows needing to be rechalked.
2.Nancy sent the report to Julie Pierrottet who will meet with Diane and the mason to discuss concerns and have questions answered.     
3.Kurt added that the most expensive repair will be the ties.  He recommends we get further feedback from the stone mason regarding fixing these ties. 
4.The priority for now is to re-caulk all the windows.  
5.Kurt has fixed the outside faucet.  

Sr. Warden report:  to be included in Old Business 
Rector Report:   

1.Two Saints Days are included during our Season of Creation, Sept 17thand Oct 4th.  
2.A parish trip, to celebrate the Equinox on Sept 22nd, will be to the Bison Range.  Arrive by 4:30 to accommodate gate closing time. 

Old Business:

1.Nancy reports that cleaning mold from the brick exterior will be done with hot water and will not damage the bricks
2.The Season of Creation agenda handout was distributed (attached).  Fr. O'Flynn has been impressed with the alternative liturgies we have used as they focus on themes of creation, fellowship and stewardship. We will use them for the six Sundays of the season.
3.Craig is working on installing the new organ. Don, Peg, and Julie P. will meet to discuss further fundraising.
4.Nancy reports that John Bertram prefers a windowed door rather than a wall window in the Godly Play room.  Nancy researched doors at the big box stores without much success.  She will ask Roger about the possibility of finding a used door at The Restore.   
5. Colby checked at Costco and found metal chairs for $18 each, and plastic for $26 each. She recommends we table this business because it is a lower priority than some other costs we are now facing.




June / July Birthdays & Anniversaries


    Birthdays                                Anniversaries

September 2   Bob Mills; Justin Allread    September 5    Ed and Marilyn Eberly
September 5   Barbara Bridges                September 12  Johanna Chittenden
September 8   James Prickett                  September 22  Mark and Linette David
September 11 Bastian Ryan
September 13 Jaben Wood; David Reese
September 16 Barb Myers
September 22 Gary Treweek
September 23 Julie Crandell
September 27 David Curtis




The Season of Creation at Christ Church Episcopal

September 1- October 6, 2019

Day One:        Sunday, September 1: The Day of Creation
(Light)             Last 9:00 AM service, outside in the churchyard,                             hymns with guitar.
                        Third Eucharistic prayer from alternate forms                                   booklet.
Day Two:         Sunday, September 8: Birthday of the Blessed                                  Virgin Mary
(Sky)                Resume 8:00 and 10:00 AM schedule
                        First Eucharistic prayer from alternate forms                                     booklet
                        Godly Play and Choir resume
                        Healing service after 10:00 AM worship
                        Compline at 8:00 PM
                        Friday September 13, 5:00 PM through Saturday                              September 14, 3:00 PM:  Parish Retreat at Camp                              Marshall
Day Three:      Sunday, September 15: Holy Cross Day celebrated                            as festival of the 
Tree of Life
                        Second Eucharistic prayer from alternate forms                               booklet
                        Basil-cross liturgy of blessing following each                                   Eucharist
                        Tuesday, September 17: Feast day of Hildegard of                           Bingen
                        Holy Eucharist with viriditas at 12:00 Noon
Day Four:        Sunday, September 22: The Equinox
(Sun and          Third Eucharistic prayer from alternate forms            
moon)            booklet
                        Godly Play presentation at 10:00 AM
                        Picnic and Evening Prayer at the National Bison                               Range, 4:30 PM
Day Five:         Sunday, September 29: St Michael the Archangel
(Sea-                8:00 AM cancelled 

Creatures)       First Eucharistic prayer at 10:00 AM
                         Parish potluck featuring locally grown foods
                        Friday, October 4: Feast day of St Francis of Assisi
                        Holy Eucharist at 12:00 Noon
Day Six:           Sunday, October 6: Blessing of the Animals
(Land-              Second Eucharistic prayer from alternate forms      
animals)         booklet
          Animal friends are invited to attend both services, blessing           of pets offered just before the Peace 
                        Concluding prayers for the Season




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