Red Door Chronicles - June 2020
Red Door Chronicles

From the Rector:

We continue to take small steps towards a more normal parish life. Photos found elsewhere in this issue show our pioneers— Youth Group members who met in socially-distanced ways two times last month. They will be taking the summer off but it is good to see the young folk leading the way. Thanks, Janelle et al!
Another normal development is that our lawn and gardens have been maintained nicely—so far at least. Faithful members have made the churchyard look as good as it ever has. However, it is a long growing season so there is still need for more volunteers. The folks who have stepped up so far are listed below. Many thanks to them all! The TBA’s for dates in the future could be you, or someone you feel OK about volunteering to represent you. Just let us know where you would like to pitch in if you feel so moved. Last year we divided up the tasks in this way and it worked out very well.

The photo meditation from Sharyn Curtis shows that there is much to be learned from working with plants.
MOWING:  (The dates shown are Saturdays but other days of the week are also OK if you prefer).
May 9              Dave Reese
May 16            Eric Christiansen
May 23            Larry Taylor
May 30            Ben Haag
June 6, 13, 20, 27           TBA
July 4, 11, 18, 25             TBA
Aug 1, 8, 15, 22, 29         TBA
Sept 5, 12, 19, 26            TBA
Kathy & Tom Fisher
Marilyn Eberly
Susan Kola
Others     TBA
Last but not least there is our worship life in the summer. Our practice in the past few years has been to have one combined service at 9:00 AM. The earlier hour gives everyone more time to enjoy long summer days. My plan is to move in that direction this year also—another sign of normalcy.  Beginning in June our online gatherings by GoToMeeting will be at that hour—both Morning Prayer in “house-church” mode, and “virtual coffee-hour” will be at 9:00 AM.
How long will this worship pattern have to continue? Well, my answer is the same as I’ve been giving. Until we get to Phase III in the re-opening process I personally will not be doing in-person worship. When Phase III is announced, we will have time to get our plans in order for in-person worship. I don’t see much point in speculating about that just yet. Keeping groups safe isn’t rocket science—we all have a pretty good idea by now what best-practices are. We will adopt them at CCE too. The day of in-person worship will return. I am confident of that. For now, I ask your patience and support.
Be well, be safe, enjoy the summer as normally as it is smart to do, blessings to all,


What I learned from a bean, by Sharyn Curtis
 …(let us) also glory (boast) in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.  And hope does not put us to shame (disappoint us), because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.
—Romans 5:3-5
Sometimes we try to find our way alone.
Sometimes we lean on other people for support.
Finally, we realize that we ALL need support…

A firm foundation on which to grow.  An Anchor.

Our growth is upward and outward.  Together.
The goal: Good Fruit.  Abundant Life.


June Birthdays

June 4,    Rosemary Woodland
June 8,     Victoria Koski
June 9,     Colby Wood
                      Noa Fischer
June 10,     Janet O’Flynn
June 11,     Janelle Willett
June 17,     Abretia Crandell
June 20,     Sam Fischer
June 23,     John Faure
June 25,     Romy Loran
June 29,     Brian Crandell
                       Daniel Prickett

June Anniversaries

June 20,     Jamey & Romy Loran
June 25,     Kyle & Amanda Hawley
June 25,     George & Holly Ward
June28,     Donnel & Janet O’Flynn    

Christ Church Episcopal Vestry Minutes

This Meeting was done online as COVID19 still poses a threat for groups to get together in person.
Present: Father O’Flynn, Hillary Willett, Julie Crandell, Holly Ward, Pat Sylvia, Jay Flynn (just 1), Kurt Larson, Sam D, Peggy Stout, Janelle Willett, Sam Detwiler, Larry Taylor
Absent:  Donald Amundson
Last Month’s Minutes: There were 2 Jays and a spelling error.  Those will be changed.  Minutes accepted
            Jr. Wardens Report:  Masonry work is all done.  The other day it was noticed that the wooden gate by the garage had been kicked in, and that a rock had been thrown through the garage window.  A police report was made, and a sleeping bag was discovered and taken by police.  A gentleman came looking for his sleeping bag and then walked away when Peg called after him.  Bert Stout fixed the gate and the window for us. 
            Sr. Wardens Report: Julie attended an online meeting for Junior and Senior Wardens.  Barb Hagen ran the meeting.  She said it was good to learn how other churches are coping at this time. Some of the churches in our Diocese are back to meeting in person, while others are offering “drive by” or parking lot church.  About a dozen other people attended this meeting, from all over the state. 
            Youth Group Report:  After calling the health department and getting approval, the youth group has now met in person twice.  Once was down at Woodland Park, and once was in the church basement.  Both times masks were worn, and social distancing was practiced.  The group was extremely excited to see each other again, and everyone is looking forward to more activities together this summer.  Janelle has been hired by the Diocese to serve on the Online Christian Formation Team (OCFT) this summer and will spend time at camp making digital content for and by campers and their families.  The OCFT will also be focusing on how to grow ministry in the state. Keep your eyes peeled for more from them!
            Treasurers Report:  There is currently about $11,000 extra dollars in the Interstate account due to the Paycheck Protection Plan loan we received.  We will most likely have to pay back about $1300 of that money.  Sam suggested that we leave that money as a liability until we know for sure what we need to pay back.  
            (Treasurers Report Cont).  Our general account is about $3800 in the hole.  We are roughly $7300 behind in Pledge and plate as well.  However, we have some extra money (approx. $5,000) that we budgeted for maintenance that we haven’t used.  This excess will go towards projects Peggy’s been working on. Overall, we have about $59,000 in the kitty. Though we are a bit behind at this time, neither Sam or Father O’Flynn are overly worried at this time. 
Julie C moved to accept the reports. Hillary seconded the motion. Minutes accepted unanimously. 
            WARMING CENTER:  The Warming Center is done with our space and has moved out.  They will be hiring a professional cleaning service to come in and clean for us.  We have the Warming Center’s $1,000 deposit that we can give back to them once an inspection of the basement is done. Though it’s sad to see them go, it’s also a good thing to get our space back. Bitter sweet, and happy we could serve. 
            LIFT:  We currently have 2 bids to REPAIR the lift.  One is from Big Sky for $1,800 and one is from Kone for $16,000.  We also have 2 bids to REPLACE the life.  One is from Big Sky for $24,000 and one is from A + for $36,000.  Father O’Flynn asked for some discussion and feedback regarding which option we should take.  Many vestry members felt that we should do the cheapest REPAIR option.  Jay asked for some clarification on what the repairs would be, and if the repairs came with a warranty.  It was decided that we need more information. Father O’Flynn and Peggy will work on gathering WHAT is included with the repairs and replacements and get back to us. 
            MASONRY: The Masonry work is done!  Peg is just waiting on the bill. 
            FURNACE:  Peggy got bids from a few companies regarding an annual Maintenance plan of our furnace.  Most of the companies bid was between $700 and $750.  Central Heating lowered their bid to $600 because we are a church and they like Peggy.  Peggy moved to accept their bid.  Hillary seconded the motion.  Bid was accepted unanimously.
            WEBSITE ADMINISTRATION:  Thomas Bertram will be taking on the website!  He and his dad John will be taking a college class together this summer.  We are excited to have him on board!  We are very grateful for Greg’s many years maintaining our website, despite moving away years ago.  Jay suggested we get him a gift.  A restaurant gift card was suggested, as well as something more permanent.  Jay and Hillary will put their heads together to come up with something to say thank you! 
            Lawn & Garden:   Father O’Flynn shared that 4 people have been doing the mowing so far.  (Thanks to Dave, Eric, Ben and Larry) He would like to continue to ask others to volunteer to do this job.  Peggy shared that the gardens are well cared for, save for the two wooden garden boxes.  She’d like to invite anyone who wants to take them on, to do so. Flowers or Veggies would be just fine.  The boxes will most likely be removed next year. 
            Looking Ahead: Father O’Flynn doesn’t anticipate resuming church in person until we reach Phase 3.  When we do we may possibly meet outside if the weather is good, or practice distancing within our church.  Peggy shared how the Lutherans are doing communion, which is something we may look into when we are meeting again.  Godly Play will meet in person on the 31st to wrap up their year.  The Red Door Pantry will also not open back up until Phase 3. 
            Audit:  Jamie Loran and John Bertram will help with the audit.  We are grateful.
Diocesan Check Sheet- The Diocese sent out a 6 page document highlighting areas that churches may want to review/revamp for safety.  One such area was knowing who had copies of the Church Keys.  Peggy would like us to “clamp down” on giving them out to everyone.  Father O’Flynn will forward this document to the vestry so everyone may review it. 
Check In- Everyone shared how they are getting along during these quarantined times.   Everyone is well. 
Ending Prayer
Next Meeting will be Thursday June 17, 7:00 PM.
Following the meeting Larry Taylor called Fr O’Flynn to say that he had called in and had listened to the entire meeting. He had wished to speak but for some reason his audio didn’t work. He wishes to make a suggestion for handicap access to Griffiths Hall, ie, to investigate putting in a permanent ramp. This has the advantage that once it is in no mechanical repairs would ever need to be made. Fr O’Flynn promised to add this suggestion to the minutes so that it could be included in the discussion at the next meeting.

Youth Group Resumes...

Note the excellent example of 'Social Distancing' 

Here are some fun pictures of the group 'noodling'.

Very creative...

Storm damage from the morning of Sunday, May 31, 2020

"Suddenly from heaven there came a sound like the rush of a violent wind."
(Acts 2:2)

Pentecost of 2020 lived up to its Biblical prototype! Fortunately there was not much damage at CCE but planned activities including an outdoor Godly Play session had to be scrubbed. Thank heavens for dedicated repair crews sorting through the downed power lines and other debris.

Online Donations

The church is now able to accept donations online on its donation website:

You can go to it directly or there are links to it on facebook and on the news blog tab on the church website. Just click the donation plate. It requires a credit card and works like a normal online purchase. Click on 0.00 to enter the amount you would like. It works well on a computer or on your phone and accepts all types of cards. There are credit card processing fees for the transaction. They are 2.9% of the donation amount plus $0.30 per transaction. For example, if a $100 donation is made the church will receive $96.90.

Several people have been asking about recurring donations. Unfortunately, we do not have an option for this via the Church’s website. You can however set this up through your own bank. It depends on the bank, but you may be able to setup recurring direct deposits, ACH transfers, or person to person to transfers. Talk with your bank about the best way to do this, often it can be setup through online bill pay. You may need the church’s account and routing number, if so just let us know and we will get you the information. You can often avoid the processing fee with this kind of payment.

As we all get acquainted with our new realities please let us know if there are other platforms you would like to use to make donations to the church. Currently the church does not have a Venmo, CashApp, or other similar services. If there is interest, we can look into offering that as well.

Finally, if you would prefer, a good old fashioned check mailed through the postal service still works just fine.

John Bertram
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