Intercessory Prayer Ministry

Should you want prayer to be offered for yourself or another, please contact one of the Prayer Chain ministers listed below.  That person will then activate the Prayer Chain.

Barb Alsbury
Patty Basko
Gwen Biggar
Tom & Kris Carlson
John Faure
Carol Larson
Dolores Luke
Ann Messing
Nancy Robinson
Peggy Stout

Their phone numbers are listed at the front of the church directory.  (All you have to do is contact one person in the Prayer Chain list).

   We ought in prayer to ask for those things which we ought to desire.  But we ought to desire good things not for ourselves only but also for others, for this belongs to that charity which we ought to exercise towards our neighbor.  Hence charity demands that we pray for others.  In accordance with this S. Chrysostom says "Necessity compels us to pray for ourselves, fraternal charity urges us to pray for others.  But that prayer is more pleasing before God which arises not so much from our neeeds as from the demands of fraternal charity."

Excerpt from: On Prayer and The Conteplative Life by St. Thomas Aquinas.

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